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 COD Black Ops Review By me

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PostSubject: COD Black Ops Review By me   COD Black Ops Review By me Icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 5:58 pm

A couple weeks ago I got Black Ops from Target; marked down to $40 dollars because everyone on my friends list had it and I figured I had to have something else to play besides the terrible Fallout New Vegas. However, I was hesitant for a long time about Black Ops which is why I did not get it on release day. I remember from the past COD's that the multiplayer was horribly laggy among other things.

Anyways, I got the game and I have to admit the story was better than the World at War story, but; it was shorter and still not up to par with the Modern Welfare storyline. Not only that but why in the world would they use an old game engine when they used a newer and better one in Modern Welfare 2. I also noticed in the story, that once again the developers don't know how to make proper checkpoints so I had to re-do cut scenes or go way back or I would have a checkpoint where some enemies were standing right in front of me. The one good thing though, was the return of zombies which is about the only good thing to come from a COD game, however; just like in Modern Welfare 2 they tried to sell people maps that were already in another game that they bought.

Treyarch claimed that the multiplayer system was balanced and fair because instead of unlocking guns and attachments traditionally you now have to pay for them from credits you earn in matches. This is totally bogus because you not only have to unlock guns you have to buy them which is shit because the multiplayer is so damn laggy; plus there is less guns and everything else compared to Modern Welfare 2 and I think even World At War. You would think that after conning us into paying 1200 for the map packs in Modern Welfare 2 they could afford some decent servers or give us a better game engine with an even more immense multiplayer. Did I mention the lovely spawn system? Don't you love spawning in the middle of the enemy team and getting killed instantly?

Last night 5 of my friends were playing a match and I joined the game and ended up on the opposite team. They were fireing a whole clip into me and I was dropping them with one bullet and I was fireing from the hip. That just goes to show how much this game relies on host advantage. I encourage everyone to try what did with some friends and I guarantee one of you will notice a difference.

In summary, Treyarch needs to stop investing so much time into the story mode and start putting more into the multiplayer, until then they only make a good game in theory. I honestly think that this game was really just a test to see if the whole gaming community is dumb enough to buy a dumbed down version of COD 4, and I will never buy another COD game because of this.

Ratings are from 1-10; 10 being the best.
Story Mode: 4
Multiplayer: Total failure
Other Comments: I encourage everyone to go to a file sharing network for the next COD game and get it for free because its not worth anything. A drunk Soviet could make a better game.
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PostSubject: Re: COD Black Ops Review By me   COD Black Ops Review By me Icon_minitimeFri Feb 18, 2011 4:38 pm

In my honest opinion Black ops is alot better than modern warfare 2 and WAW.

I can agree that there is issues that need ironing out, lag is a minor issue and not something that i experience often. My main concern for black ops is the frame rate issues the only conclusion i can come to is that a select few are using the 3d settings within the game.


I can not take your "review" serious, as you have in your own words stated "i have wanted to quit gaming for a while". Now in the past from my own experiences when you get to the stage where gaming gets boring EVERY game gets boring. It is a matter of taking a couple of months brake and come back to a new game that will get you going again.

For me COD 4 is the best of the series, probably due to it being my first COD game and "modern warfare". The WWII and the like do not appeal to me.


COD Black Ops Review By me W1D0W+oUGSo
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COD Black Ops Review By me
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