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 More kinect news

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PostSubject: More kinect news   More kinect news Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 11:05 pm

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Announced

Ubisoft announces Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, which will come out exclusively for the Xbox 360. Using Kinect, it will automatically calibrate your physical dimensions in order to cater workouts to your personal shape.

You get your own personal coach, and you will be given on-screen instructions and and demonstrations for the different exercises that you will do. This seems extremely helpful and is something that other fitness games haven't been able to offer.

They show some gym activities, which will allow you to do fitness activities, such as combat training, while playing competitive games. The one that was shown had the demonstrator punching oncoming blocks in order to build up your score.

Another mode that was demonstrated was a Zen mode, which had you doing certain poses, and having Kinect track your body to make sure that you're doing it correctly.

Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but easily one of the most impressive fitness programs that will be out on the market.

Harmonix Announce 'Dance Central' for Kinect

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos took to Microsoft's E3 stage to announce the developer's Dance Central for Kinect featuring a huge track list from the likes of Lady Gaga, No Doubt and the Beastie Boys.

With carefully choreographed dance sequences, the game has you pulling off dance moves with crowd approval for well-executed popping and boos for making a hash of the routine.

Kinect uses your whole body as it captures your moves with what looks to be 1:1 accuracy, and has a similar aesthetic to Rock Band. Hardly surprising really

Forza Motorsport Getting Kinect Support

In a slightly confuzzling presentation from Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt and friend, we got to see a Kinect compatible game using the Forza 3 engine to steer a Ferrari past rival racers, which using the motion controlled camera enables you to look towards corners, lean your head and so on.

This was then followed up with a fully interactive Ferrari to poke around using Kinect, so we saw close-ups of the headlights with accompanying statistics, before checking out the sexy tail end of the car (ooh-er) and then opening up the driver's door and getting into the seat.

We're not entirely sure what this all meant, as it was about as clear as mud, but it could likely be a Kinect add-on for Forza 3. Unless we've missed the point entirely and it's a whole new Forza game.

Either way, it's coming in 2011.


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More kinect news
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