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 Kinectimals and The Cute Little Tiger! And More Kinect Stuff

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PostSubject: Kinectimals and The Cute Little Tiger! And More Kinect Stuff   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:59 pm

This is one for the kiddies......

In what might be the most sickly, sacharrine sweet thing we've ever seen, the Kinectimals demo for Kinect (obviously), wheeled out a little rosy cheeked girl who played with a tiger that interacted to her stroking and commands. The game will feature 40-odd animals to interact with across 30 different activities including rolling around with the little cub called Skittles featured in the demo. Skittles?! Jeez...

Next up for Kinect is Kinect Sports, which has a crowd-interacting mini-game in which you cheer along with a massive stadium audience for some reason, and a distinctly Wii Sports selection of games for your Xbox Live Avatar like hurdling, volleyball, table tennis, boxing and so on.

Joy Ride is also now a Kinect title as you might already know, and demands that you steer the car while pretending to hold a wheel. We saw Billy Crystal doing it and he seemed to have fun. There will be 5 modes, including a stunt mode in which you perform various death-defying feats.

Kinect Adventures meanwhile, showed a splitscreen cart ride on rails, as you bust poses, collect tokens and jump or sway to avoid obstacle. It then takes photos of your best bits, which you can review when you've finished each Kinect Adventure. White water rafting, also lets you cruise down a waterfall or leap off a cliff edge, as amply demonstrated by two shrieking women on the Microsoft stage. You can also share your photos from any of the 20 adventures, with family and friends.

All the same it is still actually on my to get list. I do have 3 kids after all Laughing


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Kinectimals and The Cute Little Tiger! And More Kinect Stuff
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