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 This Means War By DUMPTRUCK oUGSo

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Grim Smoke

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PostSubject: This Means War By DUMPTRUCK oUGSo   Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:36 pm

My newest Creation is one I am Quite Proud of! It is a Trench Warfare map W/lots of cover and pathways from one base to another.

I have created sunken bunkers with turrets and mortars that are even w/the ground in front of them...

With all the cover its hard to keep a lock on someone across the map...

The lay out is Definately clean and ballanced.....

Lots of tiedious fencing work was involved...

Also lots of land editing....

Ufll has Ufll sandbags. The center has the regular sandbags and the uprising stations. The Apr has th Apr sandbags so that you know where you are in the map at all times...

When creating this map I realy focused on all the traits I used to look for in a Clan Battle "Clik13 Days"

So maybe this one could be good for Ranked!


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PostSubject: Re: This Means War By DUMPTRUCK oUGSo   Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:51 pm

It is a nice clean well balanced map played great the other day on TD you can see alot of work went in to this one. The map really gives the feel of an all out war plenty of cover with well placed objects.

Good luck on getting it in ranked


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This Means War By DUMPTRUCK oUGSo
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