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 Rules and Regulations

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Grim Smoke

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Thu May 22, 2008 8:32 pm

Respect all New & Old communtiy members.

2.Stay on topic.
Trash piles up so please stay on topic in all forums, remember there is an appropriate forum or topic for everything.

3.Private messages.
Please send a PM (private message) when you have an issue or question that needs to be resolved.

4.Practices and Activity
Each member is required to at least play a few times a week. This is to keep up your game, and to increase your skills. If a member has been seen not playing for a very long time, and has not contacted the group at all, he/she will be listed as inactive and possibly pruned if contact is still not acquired.

5.No Whining!
Weapon whining is just plain frowned upon. i.e."Motor dome is gay." It is part of the game and tactics should be formulated to combat its power. Weapon whiners in the server will not be tolerated. The same goes for Camping Complainers.

Underground Soldiers believe that being a member extends beyond just playing. All members are required to make use of the forums. Its the best means of communication outside of game play and also contributes to the growth of our Community. Please use the forums for its intended purpose.

7.Know where you stand.
Being a member does not necessarily mean you will receive admin powers. Admins will be given out when we feel its needed and only to those that we believe will use it to further the Site.


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Rules and Regulations
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