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 Fcmaps. NET Map contest!

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Fcmaps. NET Map contest! Empty
PostSubject: Fcmaps. NET Map contest!   Fcmaps. NET Map contest! Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2008 3:15 pm

Contest Rules for all FC MAPS map contests.

All participants must be registered with www.fcmaps.net
at the time of entry.

All entries must be original works and not based off of an existing game or game

The version that is submitted is the only version that will be accepted. Make sure
it is your final best version.

Contest entries can support any and all game modes, but must “primarily” support
whatever the requirement of the contest is.

Contest entries cannot be a part of the database prior to entry into the contest.

Contest maps must be as “perfect” as possible. This means that unless otherwise noted
by the author of the map, Flashies will not be accepted. It must be made known
if they are present to provide a special effect. Otherwise they will be

Maps which are found to contain “critical errors” such as ladders of death, or
un-crossable pathways. Or floating brush’s or tree’s through the sides of
structures etc; unless otherwise noted by the author as being done on purpose
will be disqualified.

If prizes with a monetary value are involved, the participants must be at least 18
years of age, or have the signed permission of their parent or guardian in
order to participate. This can be proven by scanning your I.D. and PM’ing an
Admin on the site. This information will be kept private and will most likely
be disposed of after any contest.

If your entry is disqualified, or it doesn’t make the finalists or even the win, you
will not start any forum threads complaining that the contest is rigged or that
deceit or friendship played a part in your not winning/placing. You will not
start any drama of any kind as a result. It will not be tolerated from ANYBODY.
If you cause this type of problem, your entry will be immediately disqualified
and you will be temporarily banned from the site. This is non-negotiable

Once a map is entered it is final and cannot be updated and distributed during the
contest. We do not want to confuse our judges. If any entrant attempts to
distribute an updated version of their contest entry during the contest period,
they and their entry will be disqualified.

All entrants will post in the forum where this is displayed, the following as
written. “I have read and understand all of the contest rules” By doing this
you cannot say that you didn’t know the rules, because we will call you out on

The Contest is open to all members of the Community including the Judges and Admin.
However... When Judging the entries to break it down to the finalist maps, the Judges may not submit a finalist list containing their personal entry. If this happens, the Judge will be asked to resubmit his/her list. If they choose their map again, it will be disqualified and they shall be beaten with a wet noodle in a youtube video.

Admin may enter the Contest, but will not be allowed to turn in a list of finalist maps unless there is a need for a tie-breaker list. Admin may not suggest their entry as a possible finalist or their entry will be disqualified by the Judges.

Judges and Admin may vote for their own map in the process of the final vote. Which will determin the winning entry. This means they may participate in the Community wide final vote.

For mor info go to http://www.fcmaps.net/news.php
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Fcmaps. NET Map contest!
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